Nursery De Molenkamp

At the edge of the dutch village Brakel we find flower nursery Molenkamp. This nursery is for almost 40 years a family business and is currently run by brothers Gert-Jan and Sander Klop. The company in its present form covers a total industrial area of app. 17,000 m2 greenhouse and is equipped with the latest modern techniques such as WKK energy supply and assimilation lighting.

Gert-Jan: "The company exists since 1973. Our father Gerrit Klop, began in the early 70's with his four brothers growing strawberries and tomatoes. A few years later, they switched to growing Chrysanthemums. Nice to mention is that the brothers as one of the first in the Netherlands used a harvest band with a string system. In 1995, our father entirely took over the company from his brothers and Sander and I also joined in. In one of the greenhouses we combined the growing of chrysanthemums with the growing of exclusive summer flowers."

In 2002 Gert-Jan and Sander took over the company from their father Gerrit. A major company re-construction project was realized. Also in terms of sortment, a change took place: in 2009, a switch was made from growing Anastasia White and Sunny to Anastasia Dark Green (our current number 1 selling chrysanthemum). The production varies slightly by season and is currently in the winter months at an average of 60,000 flowers and in the summer months at 80,000 pieces. The sale is divided between the two auctions Aalsmeer and Plantion. In addition, a part of the production is sold through direct sales.

Sander: "The quality of our product is paramount, so we start early in the spring with putting chalk on the roof of the greenhouse. Another new feature is that in May 2011 we began with the supply of our chrysanthemums on water containers (container code 997) which is appreciated very much by Anastasia Dark Green buyers. A successful change!"

Thanks to the Quality Flower Group, with a small group of chrysanthemum growers, we can join forces which has great benefits for all of us. Our dedicated relationship manager John van Santen represents our common interests.

Sortment Nursery De Molenkamp:

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